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The Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility (HIHF) is a holistic clinic that offers support for fertility, prenatal and postnatal health in Calgary, Alberta. We offer acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), massage, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, yoga classes and holistic nutrition to treat all general health conditions.


One in six couples in North America suffer from infertility. More >>
Preparing for delivery is like training for a marathon. Let us help. More >>
Studies show that acupuncture can improve IVF/IUI success rates by up to 40%.  More >>
After birth baby struggling with colic, sleep, or digestive issues? More >>

Why We Do What We Do

PROGRAM: Health & Wellness Program
DURATION: 3 months

“I’m 15 weeks pregnant and feeling really good now. We’re so excited for our little one to come. Obviously we’re so grateful to all of you at HIHF for your role in this next stage of our lives – we tell people all the time how wonderful you are! We’re proof that what you do really works. Also, I’m just wondering when your next prenatal yoga classes are running…”
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Why We Do What We Do

PROGRAM:Prenatal Care
DURATION:prenatal term
“Coming to HIHF feels like I’m coming home, its a beautiful community…”