Acupuncture Decreases the Chance of Miscarriage

Acupuncture relaxes the uterus, increases blood flow to the uterus, warms the uterus, increases the immune system, regulates the hormones and decreases stress, all increasing the chance for a sustained pregnancy.

We like to focus on both contributing partners at least 3 months prior to conception. We do this to make sure the quality of the sperm and egg is at its peak to create the best conditions for an optimal pregnancy.

Males are easier to treat as we are just focusing on sperm quality which is constantly being reproduced. A 3 month window is the minimal optimal time needed for treatments. There is literature that suggests the nourishment and development of the female follicle may be influenced by Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. What this means is that with the aid of Acupuncture and herbal medicine, a healthier egg may be produced.

We also like to work with women during the post implantation phase as to ensure proper nourishment and healthy conditions during embryo development during the first trimester phase.

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