Edmonton Fertility Acupuncture

IVF IUI Acupuncture Specialists to Edmonton

Living in Edmonton and travelling to Calgary to attend the Calgary Regional Fertility Clinic (CRFC) to receive fertility treatments?

Wanting to have Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine as part of your fertility ART treatments?

We are Calgary based Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine clinics that specialize in fertility and prenatal care.

Many people from across Canada who visit the CRFC also visit our clinics to receive Acupuncture care to support their IVF or IUI treatments.

We have two clinics in Calgary available to ensure appointment times that coincide with your appointments at the CRFC. Please CLICK HERE to see our locations.

Please CLICK here to check out our information about Acupuncture and IFV/IUI support offered at our clinics.

We are more than happy to liaison with your Acupuncturist in Edmonton prior to your visit to ensure you receive continuity in your care.