Who You Are


Where Are You on Your Healing Journey?

This decision is simply based on where you think you are in your healing journey. My experience of speaking with hundreds of women/couples over the years is that people fall into 3 groups depending think you are in your healing journey…

Client #1 -Interested in Natural Therapies to Promote Health and Fertility

The first group are people who have been trying for about a year, have done some research about fertility and acupuncture or have a friend who tried acupuncture with success. They are a bit skeptical of alternative therapies and feel as though they have other areas of their lives under control.

What We Offer: You decide on a combination of treatments that fit your schedule. Typically, people just work with Acupuncture and herbals.


 Client #2 – Wanting to Increase Conception Success Rate of IVF/IUI treatment

The second group are already working with Western Medicine and are preparing for assisted reproductive treatments, either a few rounds of hormone-related drugs, IUI or IVF. They have found, either through research or friend’s experiences, that acupuncture may increase their chances of conception.

Whether you are 3 months or 2 weeks away from your IVF/IUI transfer, we will support you throughout the process. We understand the physical, mental and emotional stress ART (assisted reproductive technique) procedures bring.

What We Offer: We start with Acupuncture to increase blood and circulation to your uterus and to help balance your hormones and mitigate the side effects of Clomid and other drugs. Then we may integrate the relaxing benefits of Massage/ Reiki/ Craniosacral treatments during key times during the ART process.

Client #3 – Have Been Trying to Get Pregnant and Wanting a Structured Plan

The third group have been trying for more than a year, are over 33 years old, are finding they need a structured plan and are now open to trying other things because what they have been doing has not been working. Typically we start with Acupuncture + herbals but also suggest following a simple nutritional plan, integrate relaxation therapies (massage) into the plan, start a weekly yoga practice and other suggestions based on your individual requirements.

What to do now?

Not sure of your next steps? We offer a complimentary consultation session to discuss your options.

Please feel free to CONTACT  us now to book your complementary consult session with us.


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