Lactation Support

Chestfeeding is healthy for moms and babies, but can sometimes be challenging. Calgary Lactation support Consultants and Breastfeeding Specialists are now more sought after than ever before. Their guidance and support can help a Mama figure out new methods or at the very least can help ease the emotional journey that is often prevalent during this time.

Meet Nurse Jessica

Meet Jessica Conti BN RN, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist

Jessica is a registered nurse with 9 years of combined experience supporting individuals and families across the lifespan. Jessica has worked in several different areas and settings in many different roles. Private home care, acute care, the postpartum unit, nannying, nursing education and more.

Jessica completed the Breastfeeding Specialist Certification from Lactation Training and is also a certified trainer for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Jessica’s goal has always been to provide high-quality care and incorporate health promotion and prevention into every aspect of her practice no matter the environment she is in. Jessica is extremely passionate about the maternal and newborn period and will be primarily focusing on supporting the family unit during the prenatal and postpartum periods. Specifically, Jessica is a huge advocate for helping people feel supported and educated in achieving their breastfeeding goals no matter what they may be.

Nurse Jessica connecting with the baby

What can a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist do?

  • Discusses the decision to breastfeed, the benefits, the differences in feeding approaches, the contents of breastmilk
  • Factors affecting breastfeeding initiation – discuss common influences in the decision to breastfeed, other things that affect breastfeeding (medical reasons, medicines) factors that affect continuation of breastfeeding
  • Prenatal prep – what you can do to be most prepared to initiate breastfeeding, colostrum collection, hand expression, the effect of the delivery on breastfeeding and how to prepare  
  • Breastfeeding basics – positions, latch, signs of a good latch, signs of a poor latch, signs of a good feed 
  • Early days – what to expect in the transition from colostrum to milk, engorgement, nutrition, debatable topics (soother, bottle introduction, alcohol, sleep, etc.) 

Nurse Jessica Services & Fees

Free Phone Consultation15 minutes 
Let’s discuss your situation and if my services will be relevant and supportive to you and your little one.
Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultation/Colostrum Collection$60 for 30 min session
Includes: Colostrum collection kit, hand expression education, education about initial hours/days postpartum.
Client must be 36 weeks pregnant and received permission from most responsible health care provider that hand expression initiation is appropriate.
Postpartum Breastfeeding Support – Initial$100 for 1 hour session
Includes: weight check, assessment of latch, advice on latch, feeding plan development, hand expression education, 24/7 text support following appointment.
My goal is to honour your breastfeeding goal as much as possible by assessing your current breastfeeding technique and provide guidance and support as needed.
Postpartum Breastfeeding Support – Follow Up$50 for 30 min session
Includes: weight check, followup assessment on latch and any further guidance required. May be booked for 1 hour if required and agreed upon with client.
Weight Check and Brief Consult$50 for 30 min session
Includes: weight check and brief question and answer regarding baby’s feeding. Text support not included with this session.
Feeding Plan Creation$50 for 30 min phone consult, $100 for in person consult
Includes discussion of current feeding regimen and goals for feeding plan (ie. weaning, returning to work, combo feeding, initiating pumping, sleep training etc.)
Pumping Consultation$100 for 1 hour session
Includes flange sizing, assessment of current pumping technique and pump used, education regarding appropriate pump care and management
*Please note we are not affiliated with any specific brand of pump and will be unable to make specific recommendations on types of pumps, but will be able to advice and make suggestions on techniques with your current pump or rental.
Health Management Education$100 for two 30 min sessions (initial and follow up to review care plan).
Includes care plan creation and education session regarding health management topic (ie: new diagnosis, new medication recommended by physician, generic health related goals).
If preferred, initial appointment can be completed over the phone.
Prenatal/Postpartum Support – Generic Appointment$100 for 1 hour session
Unsure of what you need to discuss, but just need the opportunity to speak to a nurse? This option is for you. We can let the conversation/assessments be the guide.
Examples: prenatal weight assessment, prenatal health education, postpartum health education, postpartum assessment, introducing solids education, infant sleep, etc.